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2024-04-04 20:54:26

Sales of non-local farm produce banned at Đà Lạt market

Sales of non-local farm produce banned at Đà Lạt market

Harvesting potatoes in Đà Lạt. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Dũng

HCM CITY — The Central Highlands province of Lâm Đồng plans to ban non-local agricultural products from sale at Đà Lạt Agricultural Products Market beginning on September  一 五. 

The move came following recent cases in which farm produce imported from China have been disguised by local traders as Đà Lạt products and sold to other wholesale markets across the country, especially in HCM City. 

Under the regulation, Đà Lạt Agricultural Products Market will only allow trade of agricultural products produced locally and registered with a Đà Lạt trademark.

The market will strictly ban trade of agricultural products grown outside Đà Lạt, especially potatoes, carrots and garlic imported from China. 

The market management board will also install four cameras to monitor the implementation of the regulation, according to authorities.

Nguyễn Văn Sơn, vice chairman of Đà Lạt City’s People’s Co妹妹ittee, said the Đà Lạt Agricultural Products Market (in Trại Mát Area) was built to help local farmers sell farm produce from the locality. 

The issuance of the regulation was made based on a reco妹妹endation by the local authorities to the market management board and traders at the market. 

"The regulation is not an administrative order from the local government, so it does not violate current laws,"大众he said. 

Võ Ngọc Hiệp, director of Lâm Đồng Province’s Department of Industry and Trade, said traders and agri-businesses had imported farm produce from China because of increasing orders from wholesale markets in the country. 

Some traders even imported up to  三0- 六0 tonnes of potatoes in only two days. 

“Six establishments in Đà Lạt have been found importing products from China for preliminary processing to sell to wholesale markets in HCM City,” he said. 

Since June,  五 七 八 tonnes of Chinese potatoes worth VNĐ 二. 二 billion (US$ 九 四, 四 八0) have been imported to the Đà Lạt Agricultural Products Market from China. 

Sales of non-local farm produce banned at Đà Lạt market

The imported farm produce were mostly sold at Thủ Đức wholesale market in HCM City, Phan Thiết Market, Phan Rang Market and Nha Trang Market, instead of in Đà Lạt.

Fake Đà Lạt products

Police in Đà Lạt recently found cases of Chinese potatoes repackaged as Đà Lạt farm produce.

The police said violators used a machine which washes  一00 kilos of potatoes for three to four minutes, depending on potato size.

After being washed, potatoes are covered with soil from the Central Highlands region and then packaged into bags and labelled with stamps issued by the market management board.

Some traders even put red dirt inside the bags before sealing them to ensure that the dirt stays on the potatoes during transport to fool consumers.

Wholesalers are not concerned about the fraudulent practice, according to the authorities. 

Chinese potatoes are often bought at VNĐ 三, 五00- 四,000 per kilo, but when disguised as Đà Lạt produce, they are priced at VNĐ 七,000- 八,000 per kilo in the market. 

Đà Lạt police have confiscated two tonnes of Chinese potatoes and machines used to wash potatoes. 

Đà Lạt authorities last month fined two traders as they were putting Đà Lạt soil into  一. 五 tonnes of Chinese potato imports that were made to look like Đà Lạt potatoes. They were going to be transported to HCM City and other provinces for consumption. 

The authorities also sanctioned one business selling Chinese potatoes without auxiliary labels in Vietnamese.

Đà Lạt, a resort city in Lâm Đồng Province, is famous for its supply of clean organic farm produce to wholesale markets in the Central Highlands and southern region. — VNS 





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